NycterMoon is the one and only home of the AI Companions. Companions are highly advanced AI characters you can hire at inns to fill out your group. They can perform any role in your group to help you solo a dungeon, complete a hard quest, fight foes in a battleground, or even conquer fearsome raid bosses. The Companions are designed to be mostly hands-off; they deal with their gear/consumables/XP/talents on their own so you do not need to worry about them. However, learning to manage their AI with our custom commands is the key to your success. Once you reach level 60, you can upgrade and specialize your Companions as you progress into the endgame so they will grow alongside you. We know the NycterMoon Companions are the most advanced AI in the World of Warcraft because they are under active development and are constantly being tweaked and improved over time. You can help contribute to their development by joining the server and posting suggestions you think of on the Discord.

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