There are two addons used especially for this server: The Companions Control Panel, and a modified version of Aux.

Companions Control Panel

The Companions Control Panel addon replicates all the functions of the .z commands that you would normally have to type into chat (or macro). While most people will create and keybind macros for the most commonly used commands like .z start or .z stop, the CCP addon is very useful for the less common, but still important, commands like .z use. For more information about all the functions of the CCP addon, please visit the .z Commands page.

The version uploaded here is 2.7, released March 1, 2022. For potential updates, join our Discord and check the #announcements channel.



Nyctermoon has a custom module called Marketer that will buy items you place on the Auction House at 2x the price you would get from a vendor. We have a customized version of Aux that is programmed to automatically set your items buyout price at that 2x vendor price. It makes it much easier to list large quantities of items without pulling out a calculator.

To use it, just click the "Post" tab at the bottom, select the item you want to list, and click the "Post" button. The duration must be 24 hours.

You might notice when listing several items in a row that the "unit starting/buyout price" field doesn't seem to change. This is purely a visual bug. Your items will be listed for the correct price of 2x its vendor value. Just click "Post."

Full documentation of the Aux addon can be found on its Github page.