Aside from the Companions, which you can read about on the .z Commands and Whispers pages, Nyctermoon has some other custom content and settings you might not be used to on other vanilla servers.

license.jpg Companion Upgrades and Raid Progression

After reaching level 60, you can upgrade your companions along two different paths. If you slay the required bosses and pay the fee in gold, you can earn a license that allows you to hire upgraded Companions. The raid path also acts as an attunement to each tier of raids. You can pick up the quest to earn a license from a <Companions> npc in major cities.

Level 60
Tier 1 Dungeon Companions Tier 1 Raid Companions
& Access to Molten Core
✗ Slay Shade of Eranikus
✗ Slay Darkmaster Gandling
gold.png 500 gold
✗ Slay Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

gold.png 500 gold
Tier 2 Dungeon Companions Tier 2 Raid Companions
& Access to Blackwing Lair
✗ Slay Alzzin the Wildshaper
✗ Slay Prince Tortheldrin
✗ Slay King Gordok
gold.png 1000 gold
✗ Slay Ragnaros

gold.png 1000 gold
Tier 3 Raid Companions
& Access to AQ and ZG
✗ Slay Nefarian
gold.png 1000 gold
Tier 4 Raid Companions
& Access to Naxxramas
✗ Slay C'Thun
gold.png 1000 gold
Tier 5 Raid Companions
✗ Slay Kel'Thuzad
gold.png 1000 gold

Dungeon Companions are well suited to dungeons, while Raid Companions are specialized for raids. Dungeon and Raid Companions will have different talent specs and come with different gear. You can see the how the talent spec differs for Dungeon and Raid Companions on the Talents page.

Dungeon Companions Raid Companions
Good AOE damage Good single-target damage
Tanks deal more damage Tanks prioritize defense
DPS are more survivable DPS prioritize damage
Cheaper to hire More expensive

You can choose to pursue just one path or both if you want. Each Companion license you earn is an item you carry in your bag. If you don't want to hire Companions from that license, you can just put the license into your bank and it will not apply.

The raid quest chain also works as your character's personal raid progression. They work as an additional attunement to each raid. Although in 1.12 all raids are already open, you have to complete each raid in order to be able to enter the next raid. So you must kill Ragnaros in Molten Core to be able to enter Blackwing Lair, and so on. This does not apply to dungeons - you can enter Dire Maul at any time. Also, access to the 20-man raids (ZG and AQ20) is enabled upon earning the Tier 3 Raid license by killing Nefarian, but they do not have any objectives towards the next tier.

Upgrading your license will also increase the cost of hiring each Companion while carrying that license. You can see an overview of the cost to hire subsequent Companions at each raid and dungeon tier by viewing the table below.

bag.jpg Grimando's Bags

There are two quests to earn massive bags, for a massive cost. You can start them from the tailoring shop in Booty Bay.

Bag of Plenty
26 Slot Bag
Horadric Cube
36 Slot Bag
☑ Level 50
☑ 20 Mooncloth
☑ 20 Enchanted Leather
☑ 10 Arcanite Bar
☑ 10 Ironweb Spider Silk
gold.png 100 gold
☑ Level 60
Crown of the Ogre King
☑ 10 Dark Runes
☑ 5 Elixir of the Mongoose
gold.png 500 gold

shirt.jpg Shirt of New Beginnings

You can earn a legendary shirt that grants double XP when worn. It is intended for leveling an alt, so completing this quest is not cheap for a low level character: 10 Mooncloth and gold.png 300 gold. You can get it from the <Companions> npc in any level 1 starting area. Keep in mind this shirt is Bind on Pickup, so make sure to send the materials you need to your alt.

marketer.jpg Marketer

To help you earn all this gold, we have a Marketer bot that buys items you place on the auction house for double the amount you would get for selling to a vendor. It will buy almost any item, except for greys, or goods easily found on vendors like food/drink.

The Marketer will also post trade goods for you to buy on the auction house, though the price is not cheap, so it's more of a last resort for especially hard-to-find items.

There is an addon made specially for this server that will automatically fill in the buyout price in the AH for you with the proper 2x vendor price, so you don't need to spend time calculating it. Please see the Addons page for more information on it.

transmog.jpg Transmog

You can visually transform your equipment to look like anything you want. To transform your equipment, speak to the <Companions> representative at the Mage Tower in Stormwind or the Cleft of Shadows in Orgrimmar. The item you want the appearance of must be in either your bags or your bank. The item must be the same class, e.g., leather can only have leather item appearances, one handed swords can only have one handed sword appearances, etc. To transform an item, it costs the vendor price of the item you want the appearance of.

One note about this feature - if you are wearing gear with a set bonus, and transmog it into something else, the tooltip will appear to show the set bonus greyed out, as if you don't have the set bonus anymore. This is not the case. It is just a visual bug. You will still have the set bonus.


honor.jpg No PVP Decay

PVP ranks will not decay, so you can pursue ranks at your own pace.

skirmishers.jpg Battleground Skirmishers

Though not as advanced as the Companions' AI, bots known as Skirmishers will populate battlegrounds, and are scripted to fight and pursue objectives reasonably well. If a real player joins the battleground, they will automatically replace one of the Skirmishers. You can't command the Skirmishers like you can with your Companions, but you can bring your regularly hired team of Companions into the battleground and control them like normal. Queue times are typically under a minute for both factions.

faction.jpg Cross-Faction

Alliance and Horde characters can group up together for PVE. They also share the same Auction House, and there is no longer a separate neutral goblin AH.

However, Alliance and Horde will still fight each other in battlegrounds, and opposing faction NPCs are still hostile to you.

As well, you can only hire Companions from your own faction. It's possible to have paladin and shaman Companions in the same group, but only if hired by real players from the Alliance and Horde respectively.

debuff.jpg No Debuff Limit

In the original 1.12, enemies could only have 16 debuffs at a time. This prevented many classes from being able to use their full toolkit in raids. On this server, the debuff limit is removed. Raid boss HP is increased slightly to account for the increase in raid DPS from this change.

professions.jpg No Profession Limit

You can learn all 9 primary professions on the same character. You also gain double the amount of skill per craft, and all recipes have a 5% increased chance to give you a skill up. This includes crafts that have gone grey, so you can level off them (albeit at a 5% chance).

However, you can still only choose one specialization for blacksmithing, leatherworking, and engineering.

mail.jpg Instant Mail

Mail is instantly sent between any two characters on the server, unlike stock vanilla's 1 hour timer.

quest.jpg Full Rewards from Low-Level Quests

You will receive full XP and reputation rewards from completing quests even if they are grey to you. This ensures you aren't wasting your time if you want to finish a zone after outleveling it. It's also a good way to get some easy faction reputation instead of relying on cloth turn-ins.

fishing.jpg Automatic Fishing

When fishing, your character will automatically catch the fish without needing to click the bobber and re-cast the fishing pole into the water. This allows you to effectively fish while AFK - although it doesn't disable the auto AFK logout timer.