Follow these steps to join NycterMoon and start playing with the Companions and our other custom features.

createaccount.jpg 1. Create an Account

Visit the website at and create an account by clicking the "Register" button on the right side.

downloadclient.jpg 2. Download the Client

You have two choices for the client. You can download our NycterMoon client, which has a few extra features pre-installed (but nothing you can't get on your own), or you can use your own client. Either works fine.

nyctermoon.png 2a. Nyctermoon Client

You can download our client from the same website, or this link. This client is just a 1.12 client that is already set up for you with everything you need to play the server. The advantages of downloading the client is that it includes:

  • Our custom Companion addon plus a few other handy but nonessential addons
  • Realmlist is already set up for you
  • Includes the HD models for 1.12 and HD water fan patches, plus a version of the wow.exe file that has the "Large Address Aware" patch so it can make use of model changes

If you don't enjoy the HD patches, you can disable them by going into your World of Warcraft/Data folder and removing these MPQs or renaming the extension (e.g. rename patch-3.mpq to patch-3.mpq.bak):

patch-3.mpq character models, spell icons, spell effects, music
patch-4.mpq environment textures
patch-5.mpq water

wow.png2b. Any other 1.12 client

If you already have a 1.12 client, all you need to do is open the file in your main WOW folder and change all text to:

set realmlist

If you go this route, its highly recommended to download the Companion addon and install it the normal way by putting it in your Interface/Addons folder.

createcharacter.jpg3. Create a Character

As mentioned in the list of custom features, Nyctermoon is a fully cross-faction server, so pick whatever race you enjoy. Also, please do not worry about long-term raid viability - the existence of the Companions means that literally any spec is viable for group play, since you can always hire some powerful Companions. So if you ever wanted to be a Boomkin, Shockadin, Sub Rogue, or even Shaman Tank, you can enjoy that playstyle here.

companion.jpg4. Hire a Companion

There will be a NPC in the starting area with a <Companions> tag (he's usually under a tent near the starting vendors and quest givers). Hopefully you should be able to see him from the very spot you log in for the first time. From this NPC, you can hire a Companion. Companions are AI-controlled characters, significantly more advanced than any other existing bot project, that can help you in all aspects of the game. Nyctermoon is the only WOW server with the highly advanced Companion AI.

At level 1, the cost will be only 1 copper per Companion (you can sell your starting food to hire one right away), but the price will increase as you level, up to a few gold by lvl 60. It will eventually become a bit of an ongoing minor gold sink, similar to repairs, but you can earn money much faster with a Companion's help than you could on your own, so it evens out. And if the server ever goes down, you will automatically receive a refund on your Companion's hiring cost in the mail. You can hire a max of four Companions on the same character.

Your Companions will help you fight automatically, but you can give them direct orders with .z commands or the Companion addon. Some more advanced commands are available through whispers.

community.jpg5. Join the Community

There are several ways to engage with the Nyctermoon community.

  • The primary way to communicate with the entire community is with the Discord channel. In the Discord you can talk in our general chat, sign up for raids, report bugs and suggest changes to the developers, trade with other players, see who has the profession recipes you need, and much more.
  • When you first create a character, you should be automatically placed into the <Companions> guild, which is an easy way to communicate in-game with most players, get help with any questions you might have, and maybe even get some free bags from a friendly 60.
  • The login message will also show you how to access the World channel (just type /join world in chat). Even if you decide to join or make your own guild, World chat lets you stay connected with the community in-game.