In addition to .z commands, whispers are another way you can command your Companions. They provide a more detailed way to customize and learn information about an individual Companion. Typically, whispers aren't necessary for everyday gameplay, but they can help with more complex content.

To use a whisper command, whisper it to your Companion along with any desired arguments. To start, you can whisper a Companion Hello to see a list of all their whisper commands. This, and all other whisper commands, must be case sensitive. You can also whisper them any of the following commands without arguments to get a small explanation of how to use the command.

All whispers follow the same syntax rules as mentioned in the Syntax section of the .z commands page.


cast.jpg cast [spell name, link, or ID]

Orders your Companion to immediately cast a spell on your current target.

A "spell" is defined as any kind of ability a class gets, not just magic spells from caster classes.

You can use either the spell's name (case sensitive), a link to the spell (shift-clicked from the list spells whisper command, or Wowhead's "ingame link" feature), or the spell's internal ID.

Your Companion will cast the spell on your current target. You should make sure to target an appropriate target - a friendly for beneficial spells, or a hostile for damaging spells - otherwise, your Companion will decline to cast it.

Some common uses for this command (which can be macroed) include:

  • Ordering your tank Companion to use their ranged pulling ability, like a druid's Faerie Fire (Feral) or a warrior's Shoot Bow.
  • Ordering a paladin Companion to cast a different aura than the one they cast by default - for example, if you'd prefer your holy paladin to maintain Devotion Aura instead of their default Concentration Aura.
  • Ordering a warlock Companion to cast Ritual of Summoning to summon a friend (though your other Companions can't help you click the portal - you'll need other players for that).
cast Fireball Your Companion will cast Fireball on your target.
cast fireball Syntax error
(Fireball needs to be case sensitive)
cast [Innervate] (linked) Your Companion will cast Innervate on your target.
cast 698 Your Companion will cast Ritual of Summoning on your target.

deny.jpg deny (add/remove/list) [spell name, link, or ID]

Prohibits your Companion from automatically using a spell.

deny add [spell] will blacklist the specified spell from your Companion's regular AI rotation. They can still cast the spell if you force them to with the cast whisper or the .z aoe command (if applicable).

deny remove [spell] will remove the specified spell from the blacklist.

deny list will list all spells you have blacklisted.

See also the .z toggle aoe command to quickly deny or allow all AOE spells at once.

deny add Blink Companion will never use Blink unless you order them to.
deny remove Blink Companion will be allowed to automatically use Blink again.
deny list Shows a list of all spells you have blacklisted.

dispel.jpg dispel [buff name, link, or ID]

Removes the specified buff affecting your Companion.

This command will essentially tell your Companion to 'click off' the buff. For that reason, it can only be used with beneficial buffs, not debuffs. The list auras whisper command can help you quickly find the names of the buffs affecting your Companion.


formationdistance.jpg formation distance [yards]

Sets the distance in yards your Companion will follow you at.

By default, Companions will follow you at a range of about 4.5 yards. This allows you to change that range. Valid values are between 0 and 30 yards.

formationangle.jpg formation angle [radians]

Sets the angle in radians your Companion will follow you at.


By default, Companions will attempt to remain in a formation based on their role. Tanks will walk ahead of you, healers will stay behind you, and DPS will remain at your sides. This command allows you to change that angle.

You might be asking "What are radians?" To put it simply, radians are a way to measure angles in a circle. But you don't have to do any complicated math to use this command. Just look at this chart. You don't have to stick to just those numbers either. Any value between 0 and 6.28 is valid for this command.

formation angle 0 Companion will walk in front of you.
formation angle 1.57 Companion will walk on your left side.

formationdefault.jpg formation default

Returns all formation options to their default settings.


liststats.jpg list stats

Reports on your Companion's stats.

By using this command, you can see a realtime representation of all your Companion's stats. All auras and stances currently on your Companion are taken into account.

liststatus.jpg list status

Reports on the status of your Companion's AI.

If your Companion seems to not be responding, you can use this command as a debug tool to see what is wrong with them. They will report on 6 things:

  • Teleporting: Whether they are attempting to teleport to you.
  • Paused: Whether they are affected by a .z pause command.
  • Staying: Whether they are affected by a .z stay command.
  • Passive: Whether they are affected by a .z stop command.
  • Combat: Whether they are in combat.
  • Victim: Whether they have something set as a "Victim" (i.e. they are attempting to attack it).

See the cancel whisper if this command doesn't help you figure out why a Companion seems to be stuck. That will usually fix it.

listauras.jpg list auras

Reports on all buffs and debuffs affecting your Companion.

This can be useful to use with the dispel whisper.

listspells.jpg list spells

Reports on all spells your Companion has learned.

Using this command will get you a list of linkable spells you can use with the cast whisper. It will include any spells they gained from their talents as well.

listtalents.jpg list talents

Reports on all talents your Companion has learned.

You can see a list of all Companion talent specs on the Talents page.


setdebug.jpg set debug (on/off)

Reports whenever your Companion uses a spell.

This can be helpful to find out exactly what your Companions are doing. Every time they use a spell, they will whisper you about it.

set debug on Companion will whisper you whenever they use a spell.
set debug off Companion will stop whispering you about their spell use.

setfollow.jpg set follow (on/off) [name]

Orders your Companion to follow the listed player or Companion.

This is a useful alternative to .z follow when you only want one of your Companions, rather than all of them, to follow someone other than you. For example, if you're a melee class, you can tell your healer Companion to follow one of your ranged dps Companions instead of you, so that the healer won't stand in cleave range anymore.

Like with .z follow, this command can only be used while everyone involved is out of combat and within a 30 yard range.

set follow on Leeroy Your companion will follow Leeroy.
set follow off Your companion will return to following you.

setpet.jpg set pet (on/off)

Orders a hunter or warlock Companion to dismiss or summon their pet.

There are many situations when you might not want a hunter or warlock to have their pet out. Trying to use the cast whisper to order them to cast Dismiss Pet won't work, but this command will.

set pet on Your Companion will dismiss their pet.
set pet off Your Companion will summon their pet again.

setblessing.jpg set blessing [blessing name, link, or ID]/(cancel)

Orders a paladin Companion to only cast a certain blessing.

By default, paladin Companions will attempt to intelligently cast the most helpful blessing based on their role, the target's class/role, and which blessings they already have. However, there are still some times you might want your paladin to give you a specific blessing instead. Using this whisper will disable most of the AI associated with blessings, and will only allow them to cast the blessing you specify. They still won't cast obviously pointless or counter-productive blessings, like Wisdom on classes that don't use mana, or Salvation on tanks, but if you really want that for some reason, you can use the cast whisper. After setting a blessing, you can revert a paladin Companion back to their default blessing AI by using set blessing cancel.

The most relevant use of this whisper is when in a party with both a paladin and shaman Companion - not an impossible situation, considering this server is cross-faction. Blessings and totems with similar effects do not stack in vanilla, and shaman Companions won't bother to drop a totem that they know doesn't stack with a blessing they can see on a party member. The most important example of this is Windfury Totem & Blessing of Might or Blessing of Kings. If you're grouped with both a paladin and shaman Companion, and the warriors and rogues want Windfury Totem, the shaman won't bother to drop it as long as he can detect Blessing of Might or Blessing of Kings on someone. The easiest way to do that is to order your paladin Companion to cast some other blessing with this whisper, like Salvation. There are several other similar blessing/totem combinations that don't stack, but that you can usually leave up to the Companions to sort out, like Blessing of Wisdom & Mana Spring Totem, or Blessing of Sanctuary & Stoneskin Totem.

set blessing Greater Blessing of Kings Your paladin Companion will only bless with Greater Blessing of Kings.
set blessing Blessing of Might Your paladin Companion will only bless with Blessing of Might
(this is distinct from Greater Blessing of Might, in that the Greater version buffs all party members at once, and is only learnable starting at level 52)
set blessing cancel Your paladin Companion will return to their normal blessing AI.
set blessing salvation Syntax error
(exact spell name needed)

settotem.jpg set totem [totem name, link, or ID]/(cancel)

Orders a shaman Companion to only cast a certain totem.

As with paladins, shamans will generally automatically use the most effective totems for your group makeup, but this whisper allows you to force them to always drop a specific totem. This whisper works very similarly to set blessing but for shamans instead of paladins. For the rationale and common uses, please read that section.

Since shamans have four possible totems, you can set up to four different totem assignments - one for each element.

set totem Earthbind Totem Your shaman Companion will only drop Earthbind Totem for their earth totem slot.
set totem Nature Resistance Totem Your shaman Companion will only drop Nature Resistance Totem for their air totem slot.
(this can be used concurrently with the previous command, since they affect different totem slots)
set totem cancel Your shaman Companion will return to their normal totem AI.

setdrink.jpg set drink [value]

Set the % of mana that your Companion will stop to drink.

By default, Companions will drink to regen mana whenever they are below 100% mana. This command allows you to change that threshold.

set drink 95 Your Companion will only drink when below 95% mana.

seteat.jpg set eat [value]

Set the % of health that your Companion will stop to eat.

By default, Companions will eat to regen health whenever they are below 100% health. This command allows you to change that threshold.

setheal.jpg set heal [value]

Set the % of health that your healer Companions will attempt to heal up to.

By default, healer Companions will seek to ensure that the entire party is at 100% health. This command allows you to change that threshold.

This command ONLY has an effect if the Companion you're whispering is currently assigned the healer role, either from when they were hired or when assigned with .z set. To change the threshold at which your other Companions with heal spells will use them, see the next command, set offheal.

set heal 90 When in Healer role, your Companion will now only heal if someone is below 90% health.

setoffheal.jpg set offheal [value]

Set the % of health that non-Healer Companions will attempt to heal up to.

By default, your hybrid Companions in non-Healer roles (e.g. ret paladins, balance druids, etc) will attempt to help out with healing if someone is below 50% health. This command allows you to change that threshold.

Like with the previous command, this only has an effect if the Companion you're whispering is NOT currently assigned the Healer role.

set offheal 75 When not in Healer role, your Companion will now heal if someone is below 75% health.

setdefault.jpg set default

Returns all set options to their default settings.


cancel.jpg cancel

Orders your Companion to stop whatever they're doing and come to you.

This will release your Companion from any commands you've given them or AI routines they are attempting to follow, and force them to immediately come to you. It can be useful to "reset" a Companion if they get bugged out.

joke.jpg joke

Your companion will tell you a joke!